Farmers Events

This event was conducted in order to enlighten the farmers about the WaPOR water productivity analysis how it’s reflected in the agricultural practices for the wheat crop specially

Suitable practices for the wheat crop

Farmer practiceSuitable practice
Number of the interviewed farmers178 farmer
Yield (Sack(100kg)/feddan)16 sack/feddan or more considered high yield 15 sack / feddan or less considered low yield.
Seed Rate (Kg/Feddan)60 – 80 kg/feddan
Seed typeImam prepared seeds
Land preparationPlough 3 – 4 times Leveling 1 – 2 times
MethodsUsing Machines is better
Chemical FertilizersDap 80-90kg/feddan Urea 150 – 170 kg/feddan Ammonium Phosphate or NPK not important
Previous crop in summerBetter to be bare soil
Weeds controlChemically or manually if need it
Pests controlJet spray is better and faster or chlomide when need it
Sowing and irrigation datesSowing date 5-15/11 First irrigation 15-30/11 Second irrigation 1-30/12
Number of Irrigation7 – 8 times
Irrigation frequencyFixed intervals 12 or 15 days
Irrigation Time for 3 feddans8-12 hours
Irrigation intensityNormal

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