The Second Farmer Event

Location & Date:

areaLocationDateEvent placeThe reason for the selection
Alhag_AbdalhaSouth of the Gezira4/April/2021Farmer’s hallMost water-consuming
AlfakhakheirWest Managel5/April/2021Alfakhakheir irrigation divisionHighest water productivity
AlmusalmiaSouth of the Gezira6/April/2021Almusalmia irrigation divisionHighest water productivity.Located in the middle of the scheme.

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  • Farmers were made aware of the concepts of water productivity and some agricultural guidance for wheat, sorghum and groundnuts.
  • The Director of the General Administration of illustration fields stated the following:
  • Establishing two fully funded groundnuts platforms (illustration fields)) in both Al-Gezira and Al-Mangel.
  • Establishing two fully funded sorghum platforms (illustration fields) at Al-Gezira and Al-Mangel.
  • Agricultural research coordinators have confirmed that improved seeds of sorghum will be delivered for the next season from the seed headquarters of the agricultural research according to the available quantity for some area officials who attended the event and confirmed their suffering to bring the improved seeds.
  • The director of Al-Gezira Research Station proposed the establishment of an agricultural research-approved sorghum seed.
  • agricultural research corporation tries to the mechanization of all agricultural operations of groundnut.


  • The General Director of the Hydraulics Research Center recommended all to: diagnosing problems, developing a road map and integrating the work.

Recommendations From research and field officials to farmers:

  • The director of al-Gezira Research Station stressed as an expert in agricultural engineering that there are no fundamental differences between different types of tillage, so he recommended the use of the lowest types of tillage due to the scarcity of fuel these days.
  • The groundnut coordinator recommended increasing the plant density of the groundnut (the distance between the hole and the other (5-7 cm), one grain in the case of machine cultivation, and in the case of planting by hand (15 cm) two grains) to achieve the highest possible productivity and also recommended reducing the use of traditional fertilizers for the groundnut due to their ineffectiveness in Productivity and he explained that there is a new fertilizer (potassium sulfate) that was approved by agricultural research a few days before the field visit after it was proven effective in increasing the productivity of groundnut.
  • Agricultural research recommended the implementation of complete technical packages.
  • The irrigation expert in agricultural research recommended the necessity of rationalizing the use of water and linking irrigation with the crop water requirement, crop life stage and weather conditions. She also drew attention to the fact that the most important cause of water waste is the weakness of irrigation fees.
  • The importance of agricultural management that is concerned with the presence of the farmer in his field and the extent of this impact on the water and agricultural productivity.
  • The manager of the south Gezira irrigation division recommended that farmers to stick to the crop rotation.
  • relate water use efficiency to price and cost to determine what to plant.
  • Farmer’s teamwork and constant communication with research centers.

Recommendations From field officials to decision-makers:

  • The irrigation representative in the south of the Gezira recommended raising awareness of the culture of irrigation structures and making farmers partners in the maintenance of the structures.
  • The importance of soil analysis and comparing between Gezira and Managel soil.
  • The manager of Al-Mansi Agricultural division recommended the necessity of strengthening the relationship with the Meteorological Authority to provide guidance regarding irrigation
  • involved farmers in creating laws and driving laws from farmers’ culture.
  • Create minimum units to help manage irrigation for optimal water use.

Recommendations From farmers to decision-makers:

  • Intensifying agricultural guidance and proposing a weekly radio or television program that deals with issues and problems of agriculture and irrigation and their solutions.
  • official and legal plan for violations.
  • The farmers called for the provision and creation of an appropriate environment for those in charge of Agriculture management (Gezira scheme – irrigation ministry).


agriculture Technical Package:

It is a series of agricultural guidelines that are reached according to specific programs and experiments that have been implemented for several years (at least two years) and are approved by specialized committees that are held annually. The technical package must be:

  • Technically possible, i.e., doable
  • Environmentally sound
  • Economically rewarding
  • Socially acceptable

Platform or illustration field:

It is a field that is selected according to certain conditions in the area of experiment, in which all the technical packages for a specific crop are implemented in order to find out the possibility of the application of this technical package for this crop within this area.

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